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Second · Star · on · the · Left · and · Straight · on · 'til · Morning...

Life, the universe...and everything...

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it's been a good...what...three? five years since I posted to this thing? I dunno. Like GaiaOnline, it always brings me back without fail. Grad school's...well...interesting, to say in the least. I feel like there are far too many things to even begin to talk about to fill the gap between the years. Life is pretty swell. Going to eat some dinner with either Xena or DS9 whilst working on lolita, and, hopefully, horror movie night shall commence. (it's been a tradition since the beginning of the year for two friends and I to pick something on netflix and watch it. My rights to choose have been banned because I choose whacky stuff...not too different from...well...ever.)

I should really clean this apartment. T^T.

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