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Second · Star · on · the · Left · and · Straight · on · 'til · Morning...

A compendium of the ramblings of a fae

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it's been a good...what...three? five years since I posted to this thing? I dunno. Like GaiaOnline, it always brings me back without fail. Grad school's...well...interesting, to say in the least. I feel like there are far too many things to even begin to talk about to fill the gap between the years. Life is pretty swell. Going to eat some dinner with either Xena or DS9 whilst working on lolita, and, hopefully, horror movie night shall commence. (it's been a tradition since the beginning of the year for two friends and I to pick something on netflix and watch it. My rights to choose have been banned because I choose whacky stuff...not too different from...well...ever.)

I should really clean this apartment. T^T.

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Guess what, kids...I may actually try to make an effort to keep this thing together.

-- End of line.

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1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess the movie. (BONUS POINTS IF YOU GUESS THE CHARACTER TOO)
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions. That's cheating and it ruins the fun.

01.>> "Come on. Do I look like the mother of the future? I mean, am I tough, organized? I CAN'T EVEN BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK!"

02.>>"As we arrive at Espace I'm on the verge of tears as I'm certain we won't get a decent table. But we do; relief washes over me in an awesome wave."

03.>>"...let me ask you something. All that work I did at the end of our marriage, making dinners, cleaning up, being more attentive. It never was going to make a difference, was it? You were leaving no matter what..."
"You never made a dinner."
"I made burgers that time you had pneumonia."

04.>>"Dear Mother Earth... I will drink your blue waters... and eat your green skin."

05.>> "You want to know the difference between us and machines? We bury our dead. But no one is coming to bury you."

06.>> "The funky spaceman over there is Mr. Cooper; what exactly is it you do on board this ship Coop?"
"Listen up doc. I'm your best friend, ok? I'm the lifesaver and the heartbreaker."
"He's a rescue technician."

07.>>"If you'll notice the arterial nature of the blood coming from the hole in my head, you can assume that we're all having a real lousy day."

08.>> "Oh. Where you going?... Oh, you men are all alike. Seven or eight quick ones and then you're out with the boys to boast and brag. YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Oh... I think I love him."

09.>> "Ahh, ninja pizza!"
""Ninja pizza"?"
"Pizza that vanish quickly without trace!"

10.>> "Aren't we squeamish; you ate Sir Egglemore, hypocrite!"
"I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed."

11.>>"Went away? "I dwell in darkness without you" and it "went away"?"

12.>>"That's what I'm talking about! How do you think I wound up here? Had a little debate with my instructor on relativistic physics and how it pertains to subspace travel. He seemed to think that the range of transporting something like a... like a grapefruit was limited to about 100 miles. I told him that I could not only beam a grapefruit from one planet to the adjacent planet in the same system - which is easy, by the way - I could do it with a life form. So, I tested it out on Admiral Archer's prized beagle."

13.>>"Excuse me, sir! Can you direct us to the naval base in Alameda? It's where they keep the nuclear wessels...NUCLEAR WESSELS..."

14.>>"So all you had to do was say friend... and enter."
"Those were happier times..."

15.>>"Dental and Nazi. Great."
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So...the parents have gone to bed, and I'm sitting here in front of a cute little tree surrounded by a myriad of presents, and stockings stuffed to the brim...and listening to fantastic 14th/15th century French Christmas music. AND THERE'S SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!

...not in the air like I had hoped, even though it's cold enough here for snow, but I'm satisfied.

And also am warm and fuzzy from lots of nice white French wine.

C'est moment a tres fantastique, a le musique ce tres bon. Mais, parse que je suis en seulment, il est mellieure merveilleux. Pourtant, je souhait me a la part du moment pour avec quelqu'un.

urgh...what terrible French...

Anyway, I should probably scurry away, and sleep. They're playing the boring stuff now...XD

Have a fantastic Christmas <3

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So, just like xlixia and [Bad username: fallanangelspike], I too will post what I'm doing for cons and storff...

Still relatively tentative about Ohayocon, and more certain on Katsucon, but most definite for Tekko...and here's what:

>Princess Kushana/ Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (still unsure what version to do)
>Memory of Alessa/ Silent Hill 3
>The Silhouette/ Watchmen
>Really wanna do something from CLAMP (maybe Yuuko or Chii...still unsure).
>Might air out the Hero from Dragon Quest VIII, just for the hell of it...

OOOOH! Would love to do something from P3 or Hetalia or Lodoss War

okay done...
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I just remembered it as I'm dyeing my hair now. At the end of my summer job, there was a sort of "graduation" thing for the kids, and I thought I would dye my hair a bright red (pillarbox red, punky colour...excellent). We couldn't find any gloves, so we got some condoms from the sound guys (they cover mics really nicely from sweaty actors, if you didn't know), and I used them as "gloves" (I felt kind of like a retarded penguin...). Then came the question...what to do with two seemingly "bloody" condoms? I don't remember what we did with them, but my co-worker and I were laughing for, like, an hour...
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Lighting I: light plot/paperwork/redraft set/storyboards
Set I: model/storyboards
Costume Construction: finish Rococo gown
Scenic Paining: Finish final
Foundations of Modern Drama I: manifesto

...I hope I can make it through...

EDIT:Kurt randomly showed up! huzzah! To tell me about his date! OMG!
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So I just ran into a woman that had just informed me that she's sent a letter to the mayor's office about our house violating several codes and such (also informing our landlords and the like). She was nice about it, but she just came up to me and said that she had been cleaning the streets and such for weeks now, and "we live here too" and "would you treat your parents like this?". I suppose it was letting off aggression and the like, but I didn't really say anything. I didn't want to say anything. What really pissed me off, I guess, is that whenever I (or my other housemates) get bitched at, Pete's never there, and it's ALWAYS his stuff we get bitched at.

She also wanted us to have lids for our trash cans, I don't remember where those went or if we ever had them in the first place. And also, Why didn't she come up earlier to tell us? And I'm sure it isn't JUST our house. I'm quite sure. Those streets have ALWAYS been dirty.

*sigh*...just...really frustrated and embarrased right now. I'd really like to move out...but don't think I can...

What I do know, is that it'll get cleaned up...I'm really sorry Ophelia Street...but 220 isn't the only one to blame. I understand that I was the only one there, but...it's hard to place the blame on a singular person...seriously...
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Hey guys! A little help here!

Look...I really want to write something (and I would continue with Dead Space (which is a Star Trek fan fic, Chekov/OC thing I've been doing, but have no motivation whatsoever to write it...which makes me really sad. Reviews would give me motivation! but...It's been two days...and nothing so far...^w^), but I feel like I lack the motivation or material to write about. It's kinda killing me. So...you can give me prompts or something and I can write little vignets or things...I dunno...I mean...I'd really love to get back into Dead Space, because it has a really cool plot, and I know where I'm going with it, I even have a great idea of how to start the second "book". I just...can't start chapter four...urgh...

Maybe I should just put it up here for viewage. Would that be cool?


In any case, Neko Case is now my new favourite band. And I started building dance bodices today. Ooh! And my boss just got engaged! Squee! She's really cute and adorable. Her fiance did a proposal video with puppets he got from the FAO Schwartz store (it's like a build a muppet shop), and he made one that looked like the protagonist from that movie where he holds a boom box over his head...yeah...real adorable XD. It's going on youtube at some point, so when I get a hold of a link of it, I'll let y'all know.

Peace...and please...help XD.

Here's my current Neko Case in the form of an (kind of crappy) AMV

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Today was...alright. Just registered for my last semester for College...ever...(or let's hope it is. I could always be a super senior, you know. XD). I'm in Electricity, Set II, Computer Applications, Foundations of Modern Drama II, Senior Project II, and Introduction to American Government. I need to take a basic computer class that'll just get my requirements filled. It's a really stupid class, but as long as I graduate, I think I'll be fine.

For some reason my left wrist is aching...they do this.

Anyway, today was pretty productive. In costume construction, I'm getting a Rococo gown together (pink and green). Also got the majority of my set metaphore together for "An Enemy of the People", which I'm actually VERY excited about. Also finished my FMD reading ("waiting for lefty") so I'll hopefully have some free time tonight. We're going to Hoffbrau Haus to celebrate Pete's birthday and maybe see "Men Who Stare at Goats" after. Which would be really sweet considering I haven't seen a film in theaters in forevar.

Lessee...what else is new. Uh...my parents came up from DC to say hi and see "Carousel"...which is a very big, very gay musical. I'd have to say what we always seem to do is sub-par shows, but we always seem to do them very well. We went to a delicious little cafe on East Carson called "Cafe Du Jour" and had fantastic food (there's this awesome appetizer that has a cute baked brie with half of a baguette, some tart apple slices, and a berry coulis in spring honey. It is TO DIE FOR. I got a goat cheese tart with red onion jam and braised tomatoes (sadly...the wine and heat made me kind of sick, so I couldn't finish it, but I took it home with me XD).

After the show, we headed back home, and saw Pete with his freshmen entourage...(ugh). we ended up watching part of Dumb and Dumber and smoked cherry shisha on the porch. And talking about sexuality...XD. Apparantly, Pete made a bet on Bob and I, saying that a "lesbian" and a "gay" (even though we're more straight than such...) could find love in each other. Intriguing.

I'll post more soon...love you all <3

By the by...here's the trailer for "Carousel". I did the gears on the blue showgirl bodice (not that you can see them or anything).

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