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Second · Star · on · the · Left · and · Straight · on · 'til · Morning...

Fanfiction...or something...

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Hey guys! A little help here!

Look...I really want to write something (and I would continue with Dead Space (which is a Star Trek fan fic, Chekov/OC thing I've been doing, but have no motivation whatsoever to write it...which makes me really sad. Reviews would give me motivation! but...It's been two days...and nothing so far...^w^), but I feel like I lack the motivation or material to write about. It's kinda killing me. So...you can give me prompts or something and I can write little vignets or things...I dunno...I mean...I'd really love to get back into Dead Space, because it has a really cool plot, and I know where I'm going with it, I even have a great idea of how to start the second "book". I just...can't start chapter four...urgh...

Maybe I should just put it up here for viewage. Would that be cool?


In any case, Neko Case is now my new favourite band. And I started building dance bodices today. Ooh! And my boss just got engaged! Squee! She's really cute and adorable. Her fiance did a proposal video with puppets he got from the FAO Schwartz store (it's like a build a muppet shop), and he made one that looked like the protagonist from that movie where he holds a boom box over his head...yeah...real adorable XD. It's going on youtube at some point, so when I get a hold of a link of it, I'll let y'all know.

Peace...and please...help XD.

Here's my current Neko Case in the form of an (kind of crappy) AMV

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