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Second · Star · on · the · Left · and · Straight · on · 'til · Morning...

just...why? why does it ALWAYS have to be me...

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So I just ran into a woman that had just informed me that she's sent a letter to the mayor's office about our house violating several codes and such (also informing our landlords and the like). She was nice about it, but she just came up to me and said that she had been cleaning the streets and such for weeks now, and "we live here too" and "would you treat your parents like this?". I suppose it was letting off aggression and the like, but I didn't really say anything. I didn't want to say anything. What really pissed me off, I guess, is that whenever I (or my other housemates) get bitched at, Pete's never there, and it's ALWAYS his stuff we get bitched at.

She also wanted us to have lids for our trash cans, I don't remember where those went or if we ever had them in the first place. And also, Why didn't she come up earlier to tell us? And I'm sure it isn't JUST our house. I'm quite sure. Those streets have ALWAYS been dirty.

*sigh*...just...really frustrated and embarrased right now. I'd really like to move out...but don't think I can...

What I do know, is that it'll get cleaned up...I'm really sorry Ophelia Street...but 220 isn't the only one to blame. I understand that I was the only one there, but...it's hard to place the blame on a singular person...seriously...
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